Immunity to HPV


Dear Melissa, I would like to share may testimony with you regarding my health issues. My personal experience with Beta-mannan was truly a wonderful success. When I came to The Olive Leaf, I was diagnosed with HPV and I also had an 1st stage precancerous cells pap test. Melissa Bennett my naturopath recommended this supplement. I contacted the company and consulted and begin to take the product as instructed. I was very nervous due to my Mother dying of Lung Cancer and my young 46 year brother dying with Cancer also. I received the Beta-mannan, produced by Alotek, I followed the instructions. Which were to take product for 3 months and a few other instructions and I had and Normal Pap and negative HPV test!!!! Thanks so very much to Melissa Bennett taking the time to research my very personal needs and details to find this very successful supplement. I am truly grateful and inspired. Thanks so very much!! Nelisha